It’s Cool to Be Kind

It's Cool To Be Kind

Google came up with “The Code of Internet Awesome” which includes . . .

  • Share With Care
  • Don’t Fall For Fakes
  • Keep it Safe
  • It’s Cool to be Kind
  • When In Doubt, Talk It Out


Five Minutes of Dig Cit:

Last week you talked to your students about the fake people on the internet. This week we are talking about how it is “Cool to be Kind.” How do you be kind to people in person? How do you be kind to people online?

Create a list with your students of how you can be kind to people online. But talk to them about how to balance that with “Share With Care.” Don’t share your personal information with people in an effort to be kind to them.

Portrait of a Graduate and Flipgrid


The FCPS Portrait of a Graduate asks students to understand diverse perspectives. But, to understand diverse perspectives they need to see a perspective. Caitlin Tucker shares an amazing way she solved this problem.  She created a FlipGrid (a super easy way for students to share selfie-videos). And then she shared it with her twitter followers and asked fellow teachers to have their students comment on them.  By the end she had over 120 different responses from classrooms across the country.

Where do you start if you don’t have Caitlin’s 30,000 Twitter followers? What if you started with another classroom in the same school. Or another school in your pyramid. Or a local high school?

Secure Your Secrets

There are two main ideas about passwords.  Most everyone agrees on the big pieces.  Avoid personal information.  Use uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers.

Google suggests replacing letters with characters (saying repl@ce instead of replace).  I think that is a terrible idea. It just makes it harder to remember, and a computer will not have any problem making those substitutions.  XKCD has a great explanation.

Having said that, it is important to talk about passwords throughout the year. Students will most likely be starting new accounts throughout the year, so a one and done solution will not help your students.

As always, Be Internet Awesome has wonderful resources.

Five Minutes of Dig Cit:

Take five minutes and talk about why strong passwords are important. Be Internet Awesome has talking points. Walk through creating a password with your students. Talk to them out loud about what you would and would not pick